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Why Perform Nutrition Testing?

Can you imagine a child with a food allergy. Every time the child eats a certain food type, his or her body reacts to the allergens with a chemical and cellular response. This response creates symptoms in the child that vary from a mild feeling of irritation, to a full blow allergic reaction. In the case of the severe allergic reaction the parent and child quickly learn to avoid that food. But what about the case of the mild allergic reaction. 
Soon a note comes home from school with the child. Little Tommy isn't sitting still for class, especially after lunch. He is disruptive and his work is not at the same level as the other children. The school has made a recommendation that you get him seen for attention deficit disorder, and soon he is placed on an amphetamine type drug (e.g. Ritalin) to treat his ADD.  
Now he has trouble sleeping. So they add a second drug, whose side effects predicate the need for a third drug, and so on. Meanwhile the food allergy is still ongoing because it has never been diagnosed and treated.  The drugs cause a nutritional deficiency (as most drugs do
It's not his fault! -see drug induced nutritional deficiencies) which has its own set of confounding issues for T
ommy to deal with. 
Soon the stimulants and depressants have changed his neurochemistry, as they have been shown to do, and because he has now been prescribed a psychological medication he is labeled as such and cannot do things like serve his country. And all of this is because the symptoms of a simple food allergy was ignored!
Now imagine how many times you have eaten something that didn't agree with you and you have been left feeling light headed, unfocused, or lethargic. Should you be medicated too!

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